GC81PCQ – En

Joyeux Anniversaire or…. Happy Birthday !!

All you have to do is to click on the Present…. and solve the problem(s)…

You’ll have to play this game on computer (it doesn’t work well on smartphone) and at least one step needs the sound to be active….
If you don’t see video on the television, try to use an other web navigator like ie or firefox.

Here is the begining of the game :

You wake up one morning and the bed is empty. A word is enthroned on your bedside table:

Today… is your birthday. What better than a geocache to find to celebrate this event with dignity !

But … you will have to get the coordinates and it will not be easy because you will have to find clues here and there hidden in our apartment or even … outside.
You will find on the kitchen table a first text to decode …
It’s up to you, but I won’t start with this one because there’s little chance that you won’t decode it right away!
To reassure you in your research, you will be able to help you in different places of CERTITUDE in order to validate the steps that you will have crossed.